The industries of the future

Reflections of the Book “Industries of the Future” by Alec Ross on the subjectline ‘how the next 10 years of innovation will transform our lives at work and home”.

The book is beautifully written with various aspects of evolution of human race in the different parts of the world that leads to technological development. For example, the acceptance of Japanese to see souls even in Objects has played a considerable role in the evolution of Robotics in Japan. As we welcome our new job takers and caregivers; the coming decade will see societies transform as humans learn to love alongside robots.

The next focus of the book talks about the future of the human machine that deals with the evolutionary research in the domain of human genomes that leads the cancer research centers and even working on the diagnostics, treatment and cure of various diseases.  The last trillion dollar industry was built on a code of 1s and 0s. The next will be built on our own genetic code.

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